Revival of the 1963 Mitsubishi Fuso MR430

31 October 2022

Back in 1963, this bus was developed for mass transportation during the high economic growth period. The front two-axle rear engine bus was unprecedented in the world and had a total length of 12m and a capacity of 110 people.

Only 12 units were adopted by 3 operators nationwide. In Asahikawa, three buses where used during the rush hours in the morning and the evening.


They were taken out of operation in 1978. After that, they were exposed to rain and outside weather conditions for 44 years.

Asahikawa Electric Tramway, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in two years, decided to restore their old bus as part of the commemorative project. It took them 1 year and 3 months to get it back in shape, ready to run on public roads. After a vehicle inspection, the restored 1963 bus was launched on 21 October.

Source: Busrama (Japan) - translated from Japanese